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Dear All,

We are glad to inform that we have started an introducer scheme to recruit new students. However, starting 1st January 2020, all agent must be registered with CGS UTHM. Please click the link below for registration purpose ;

Scheme 1 : Student and UTHM Staff

Scheme 2 : Agent

 Terms and Conditions


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Apply Through an Agent

All prospective students who choose to use an agent must use an official UTHM agent. UTHM agents are carefully assessed, monitored and reviewed to ensure only reputable and experienced agents can represent our institution.

UTHM agents have expert knowledge of the University and our courses. They can generally help you with all (or most) courses offered by UTHM.

An education agent can assist you with your university application and visa arrangements. They understand the university system in Malaysia and can help you:

  • work out which course is best for you
  • understand our entry requirements
  • apply to UTHM
  • organise the documents you'll need
  • arrange your visa.

List of UTHM Agents

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