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Admission Charter for International Students

In UTHM, the Admission Committee will consider the postgraduate application (coursework and mixed-mode) after receiving the complete application documents together with the payment of application fees. A decision will be made within ONE (1) week upon receiving the endorsement from the faculty.

Please be informed that the processing time upon the postgraduate application (by research) will take up to TWO (2) months. This is as to ensure that sufficient time is given to the University prior deciding on the prospective supervisor which match the candidate’s research area. However, the candidates are eligible to pre-nominate their prospective supervisors in accordance to their research expertise. This in return will reduce the processing time of the said application.

Candidates shall be contacted via e-mail should additional and/or supporting documents be required preceding the completion of application. The University is committed to keep the candidates informed on the progress of the application. Throughout the application process, candidate’s application status can be reviewed through UTHM Centre for Graduate Studies portal (