1. Am I eligible for the discount?
The discount on the education fees is automatically eligible to all UTHM alumni enrolled in our Premier Postgraduate Programmes*
*The education fees discount is valid for students who registered in Semester I Session 2022/2023 and Semester II Session 2022/2023 only.

2. Will any postgraduate programmes be excluded from the discounted fees?
It is intended that the discounted education fees will be available ONLY for our Premier Postgraduate Programmes. Student(s) who enrolled with our continuous learning programmes are not eligible for the discounted education fees.

3. Why is the offer letter given did not mentioned the discounted tuition fees?
Please be informed that the conditional offer letter is computer generated. Hence, all of the offer letters given out by our office shall state the full fees without any discounted amount.

During the first-time registration, the discounted education fees shall appear in the UTHM e-payment portal. Hence, student(s) shall need to pay the discounted amount only.

4. Can I bring forward the discounted education fees for the following semester?
No! The discounted education fees for research/coursework or mixed mode programmes are only valid in the first semester only.

5. I have received scholarship/ other fundings form any institution(s). Can I still get the discounted education fees?
Yes! Any UTHM Alumni enrolling in our Premier Postgraduate Programmes within Semester I Session 2022/2023 and Semester II Session 2022/2023 are eligible to get the discounted education fees despite them having any scholarship or other fundings.

6. How do I calculate the education fees for the first semester that need to be paid?

 Local Students    International Students  
Example: Master by Research

First Time Registration= RM 770      Recurring Fees

 Example: Master by Research

First Time Registration= RM 870 
Recurring Fees:

 Recurring fees   Total  Recurring fees    Total
 Education fees  RM 1310  RM 1820   Education fees RM 3018   RM 3778 
 Services fees  RM 510   Services fees  RM 760

Discount 50% on education fees: RM655

Total Fee for first semester:

RM770+RM1820- RM655= RM1935


Discount 50% on education fees: RM1509

Total Fee for first semester:

RM870+RM3778- RM1509= RM3139*

* New student also needs to pay personal bond charges. Please refer to https://cgs.uthm.edu.my/admission/fees for personal bond charges

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