Entrance Requirement



Minimum Entry Requirements for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme;

  • Applicant must have a Master’s Degree from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) or any other higher learning institution recognised by the Senate;
  • First class Bachelor graduates (CGPA 3.67/4.00) and above may apply for Fast Track PhD (terms and condition apply)



Minimum Entry Requirements for Master Degree Programme;

a) Applicant must have a Bachelor Degree with Honours from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) or any other higher learning institution recognised by the Senate with cumulative grade points average (CPA) as follows:

    Research  Programme            2.75 ; Except for KIT -  Master of Information Technology (CPA 3.00)
    Mixed Mode Programme       2.75
    Coursework Programme        2.50 ; Except for MPA - Master of Business Administration  (CPA 2.75)

*The above mentioned list of CPA is the general minimum qualification need to be fulfilled. Please refer to the specific  requirement for the academic programme programme to be applied

b) Application from applicant who possess a Bachelor Degree or equivalent not meeting the minimum CPA can be accepted subjected to minimum years of working experience in related field

*(ONE (1) year working experience equivalence to 0.1 CPA)

c) Applicants with APEL-T7 qualification (Applicable for Malaysian Citizen Only) can be accepted subjected to application to the postgraduate programme as listed below:

1.  Business
2.  Performing Arts
3.  Information Technology
4.  Education
5.  Management
6.  Science
7.  Occupational Safety and Health
8.  Media Studies
9.  Journalism
10. Visual Communication
11. Mass Communication
12. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
13. Electronic Engineering
14. Communication Engineering
15. Civil Engineering
16. Chemical Engineering
17. Software Engineering
18. Information System
19. Computer Science


1.   International applicants should fulfill the minimum English language requirement (TOEFL 500 / IELTS 5.0 / MUET band 3.0)
       * Except for Master of Business Administration  (TOEFL 550 / IELTS 5.0 / MUET band 4.0)

2.  International applicants who fulfill the academic qualification from Institution of higher learning throughout Malaysia that is recognized by the Senate are eligible to apply for exemption from the English language  requirements

3.  International applicants who do not fulfill the minimum English language requirement but graduated from universities listed as the English Speaking Countries are eligible to apply for exemption from the English language requirements.

English Speaking Countries (Effective from Semester I Session 2015/2016)     
*Nigeria   *India   *Pakistan   *Sudan   *USA   *Anguilla   *Australia   *Antigua & Barbuda   *Bermuda   *British Virgin Island   *Bahamas   *Barbados  *Bangladesh  *Canada   *Cayman Island   *Christmas Island   *Cook Island   *Falkland Island   *Fiji   *Ghana   *Gibraltar   *Grenada   *Guam   *Guernsey   *Guyana   *Hong Kong   *Ireland   *Isle of Man   *Jersey   *Jamaica   *Kiribati   *Kenya   *Liberia   *Malawi   *Malta   *Marshall Island   *Mauritius   *Montserrat   *Micronesia   *Namibia   *Nauru   *New Zealand   *Niue   *Norfolk Island   *Papua New Guinea   *Puerto Rico   *Palau   *Philippines   *Rwanda   *Singapore   *Saint Lucia   *Samoa   *Saint Vincent & The Grenadines   *St Helena   *Saint Kitts & Nevis   *Seychelles   *Sierra Leone   *Solomon Island   *South Africa   *Swaziland   *Tanzania   *Tonga   *Trinidad & Tobago   *Turks & Caicos Island   *Uganda   *United Kingdom   *US Virgin Island   *Zambia


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